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Jul 18

Beyond The Pale



Beyond The Pale is a very solid Pale Ale brewed by Fish Brewing Co. in WA and features some great label artwork. Clothing is optional while enjoying one of these beers. Heads up!

Some Universities Crack Code in Drawing Women to Computer Science - The Upshot | NYT -

One of the reasons so few women work in tech is that few choose to study computer science or engineering. Only 18 percent of computer science graduates in the United States are women, down from 37 percent in 1985.

At a few top college programs, though, that appears to be changing.

At Carnegie Mellon University, 40 percent of incoming freshmen to the School of Computer Science are women, the largest group ever. At the University of Washington, another technology powerhouse, women earned 30 percent of computer science degrees this year. At Harvey Mudd College, 40 percent of computer science majors are women, and this year, women represented more than half of the engineering graduates for the first time.

Jul 17

footnoted* — Irony alert: A One-Time Benefit That’s Actually Three Times


A haiku from the article: The Face of Unfortunate Fashion


A haiku from the article: The Face of Unfortunate Fashion

“You realize you have a tendency to overindulge similes.” — Ehud Havazelet, Second Person | NYT Opinionator

Jul 16

“Even without active use, the presence of mobile technologies has the potential to divert individuals from face-to-face exchanges, thereby undermining the character and depth of these connections. Individuals are more likely to miss subtle cues, facial expressions, and changes in the tone of their conversation partner’s voice, and have less eye contact.” — Presence of a Smartphone Lowers Quality of Conversations - Pacific Standard: The Science of Society (via infoneer-pulse)

(via infoneer-pulse)

“Mail carrier is just one casualty of a tech-based job market that shares a unifying theme: paper. Newspaper reporters face a projected 13% decline in hiring in the coming years. Layoffs and furloughs in the industry are commonplace, the result of advertisers slashing their print budgets by nearly 30% since 2009, per a report. “When I started in the business, I imagined paying my dues for a few years and moving up to better beats or an editor’s role,” says one former newspaper reporter in Southern California. Nate moved to public relations in 2011, the same year 152 newspapers cased operations around the nation. “But after almost 10 years I saw how few jobs there were and no opportunities to move up,” he says. Consumers are not simply eschewing reading the news, but rather are consuming their information online and not in print. Want to catch up on the latest news? Power on your smart phone or tablet and get the latest happenings from around the globe in one place. Want to read a book? Download any one of thousands of titles instantly. The logging industry is feeling the impact of the move from print to digital. Says Eric Johnson, publisher of Northern Logger, dramatically lower demand for paper means much less demand for wood pulp that lumberjacks help provide. The result is a 9% decline in logging industry employment.” — Most Endangered Jobs of 2014 | (via infoneer-pulse)

(via infoneer-pulse)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Violence In Chicago : Code Switch : NPR -

We have templates that we superimpose on Chicago and places like it. These templates distort the ways violence comes to bear on individual lives, obscure the patterns that come with that violence, and shape the ways we think about ameliorating it. These are each human-scale tragedies worthy of human-scale consideration. To really understand what happened in Chicago last weekend, we have to be able both to see those shootings as mass shootings, and to see the lives they shatter.

Great post with a bunch of solid links to more reading.

Jul 15

“If you write a big program, you’ll reinvent Lisp. If you write a big program, it will read email. If you are a programmer, you will find yourself drawn to to-do lists. And then you will talk about these things, because they are the touchstones of our shared culture of technology, with attendant rituals.” — Paul Ford, Doomed to Repeat It

Nothing says “I reject everyone else’s way of seeing the world in favor of my own” more clearly than declaring email bankruptcy; it’s the digital equivalent of baptism into a new faith.

The resonates particularly strongly. I’m glad I haven’t crossed that line, simply for the time to think more about what it means.