The Inimitable Tiff

  1. Yay for Substitute Stan! Also this episode is great.

  2. Tenacious D - Wonderboy

    I enjoy recollecting just how pitch-perfect this is.

  3. Luke and Leia plan to rescue Han Solo from Jabba the Hut. Leia is captured by Jabba, and is forced to wear a normal, full-coverage prison jumpsuit.
  4. femfreq:

    Brand new episode of Tropes vs Women is online! Please heed the content warning on this video. It contains some especially triggering scenes of sexual violence.

  5. timeshaiku:

A haiku from the article: What Does It Mean to ‘Throw Like a Girl’?
  6. Swipe the photos and see Hurricane Katrina disaster dissolve into present-day recovery |
  7. She has a great attraction for simple people who are puzzled by organized society, who object to paying taxes, who dislike the “welfare” state, who feel guilt at the thought of the suffering of others but who would like to harden their hearts. For them, she has an enticing prescription: altruism is the root of all evil, self-interest is the only good, and if you’re dumb or incompetent that’s your lookout.
  8. Lawsplainer: How Mike Brown's Alleged Robbery Of A Liquor Store Matters, And How It Doesn't | Popehat

    Worth a quick read.

  9. Humans need not apply


    This video combines two thoughts to reach an alarming conclusion: “Technology gets better, cheaper, and faster at a rate biology can’t match” + “Economics always wins” = “Automation is inevitable.”

    That’s why it’s important to emphasize again this stuff isn’t science fiction. The robots…

  10. Today in Backups

    • Me:
      excel dumps works as a backup, to my mind.

    • Colleague:
      ok, so ill just have to take a dump regularly

    • (beat)

    • Me:

    • Colleague:
      oh my!